Celery Rose

Spring is finally here, but not so much. Yes, the flowers are blooming, the grass is greener, the hot pants are out (on the streets that is, you see I am very observant). But the warmth in the air is missing. It feels like fall all over again after a long dreary winter. Yes, the trees are sprouting new leaves, in various stages of growth and colour and that does remind me of fall. Anyhow, I have started my spring garden with few herbs and flowers. They are yet to make way in to my camera.

Celery Rose

Celery Rose - Artistic approach

Meanwhile, I was fascinated by how lovely a celery bottom looks. Really, have you ever thought how the celery bottom looks like a rose. So this is my attempt at capturing that beauty as a kind of interpretive art. The flower in the picture is Kangaroo Paw. This was given by my lovely art teacher from whom I have started to learn, what else, art!!

Celery Rose

Celery Rose - Traditional approach

Maybe I will talk about art some other time. My new found interest in doing things with my point and shoot has led me to experiment with this shot. It is shot two ways with different backgrounds. I am not sure which one is good, one is artistic and one is traditional. You be the judge.. Enjoy!!

Celery Rose

Celery Rose - A Close up


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