VegWorcester Dining Guide

Hello All,


Help us print the new edition of the Guide to Vegetarian Dining in Worcester

We are ready to print a new edition of our Guide to Vegetarian Dining in Worcester!

Now we need your help us raise $500 so we can print 5000 copies.

Our goal is to print & distribute 5000 full-color copies of our new guide by Autumn. Our next hurdle is raising the money to cover the printing costs. We have a campaign running on The Point. If we get 25 people to chip in $20, we’re golden.

How to donate

The Point – this is the best way to donate. Accepts all major credit cards. This tool displays how much progress we’ve made.

Paypal – you can donate using PayPal by sending donations to

Bitcoin – We’re on the cutting edge here at VegWorcester. Bitcoin address: 1BTPG1NTmZCfSFAphuVtmHw1YsVJUoRrG7

Note : If you would like to spread the news about this campaign, please leave a link to this blog and leave a link to


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