Salad To-Go

We take salad for lunch. I am sure there are eyebrows being raised and I can understand the reasons for it. Here is why we do.

  1. It is healthy to eat a salad. This is given. But be warned, that you could ingest more calories in to you than from a simple lunch, if you do not watch what you are putting in to it
  2. It is really, simply, the most easiest thing you could ever do for lunch. Trust me. You can pack this overnight or, you can do this in the morning in 15 mins
  3. It is a great way to get some fruits in to your diet, especially, apples. Since we started, we are averaging 1 apple a day, half goes in to the salad and half we munch later.
  4. It is also a great way to count your calories
  5. Your intestine will thank you šŸ™‚

I originally started making salad to really have something healthy and light to eat for lunch. But then since I figured out point #2, I cannot stop making it. Enjoy!


Pictured above is a normal, garden variety salad. Here is how you assemble it.


  • Cheery tomatoes ā€“ 3
  • Walnut halves ā€“ 5, then quartered
  • Extra firm cubed tofu ā€“ 8 cubes
  • Half romaine hearts chopped horizontally
  • Two handfuls organic spring mix
  • Half an apple ā€“ Cubed to about a centimeter
  • Onion half moon rings ā€“ from 1/4 of medium sized onion
  • Canned chick peas ā€“ 1/2 a can
  • Dressing ā€“ the one pictured above is home made. I do not have a standard recipe and hence each day the taste differs. But I will  definitely post the dressing recipe once I perfect it. When you buy dressing from outside, make sure you select one that has 50 or less calories per serving. All those creamy dressings will have more that 210 calories easily which totally negates the purpose of eating one.

Also pictured above is Stayfit salad box which is great container for taking salads. It has an icepack that you can freeze to keep the salad nice and crisp.

When you are ready to eat your lunch, just open the top, dump all the ingredients in to the salad bowl, close the top (without the ice pack), shake it to mix the dressing and you are good to go.

When you decide to make you own salad, make sure you have all the following components that way you do not get bored eating the same thing

  • Greens (Lettuce, Argula, Spring mix, baby greens)
  • Protein (Chick peas, Tofu, Beans)
  • Fruit (Apple, Orange segments, Pears)
  • Nuts (Walnuts, Cashes, Almonds, not more than 2 tbsp)
  • Low Fat dressing
  • Vegetables (Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Grilled Squash, Carrots)

If you have noticed, I do not have any cheese here. I feel that adding cheese to a salad is totally unnecessary if you, like me, are making it for the reasons above. Here is a great website to check out how many calories are in your salad.

If you decide to make a salad, after seeing this recipe, send me your salad recipe in the following format to cumincoriandercardamomATgmailDOTcom before Sept 15, 2011

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Picture : Thumbnail version only, <250kb

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