Upma stuffed Mung Dhall Dosa

I have been putting off this post for a long, long time. Mung dhaal dosa is by far, the best food to eat if you are in, er… um… diet!!! Ok, there I said it. Now don’t jump at me. This recipe is hardly a diet recipe. It is just a state of mind. This is just to trick your mind in to eating good. But I love this recipe because, it has a balanced amount of proteins, whole grains and deliciousness! Enjoy!



For the Dosa

Yellow Split Mung Dhaal – 1 Cup

Orange Split Masoor Dhaal – 1 Cup

Salt – 2 tblsp

Chilli powder – 1 tblsp

Asafetida – a pinch

For Green Chutney

Mint Leaves – 1 Cup

Coriander Leaves – 1/4 Cup

Green chillies – 2

Salt to taste

Tamarind paste –  a pinch

Urad Dhaal – 3 tblsp

Asafetida – a pinch

For Upma

Cracked Wheat (fine) – 1 Rice Cup

Petite Diced Carrots – 1/4 Cup

Green Peas – Handful

Salt to taste

Asafetida – a pinch


Putting It together

  • Dosa
    • Soak the Mung and Masoor dhaal for 6 hours in water
    • Use hot water to soak it for just 4 hours and if you want to make it instantly, use boiling water on just Mung dhaal alone for 1 hour (double the quantity)
    • Grind the dhaal and chilli powder together in to a little-less-than-perfectly-smooth paste
    • Add the salt and asafetida. This batter will keep in the fridge for 3 days (it might start to smell if you leave it longer, but it would be perfectly usable)
    • In a dry pan, fry the leaves together until it wilts slightly
  • Chutney
    • Roast the urad dhaal to golden brown
    • Grind everything together with some water. It should have a pesto consistency
  • Upma
    • Stir fry the carrot and peas a little bit until it is soft
    • Bring two rice cups of water to a boil (1:2 ratio) in a pot
    • When it bubble, reduce to medium heat, add all the ingredients
    • Stir it once well and cover with a lid to simmer
    • Once it absorbs all water, (test it with a fork), remove from fire and allow it to cool
    • It is ok if its cooked to a mush, it would be better for dosa
  • Heat a griddle on medium
  • Pour the dosa batter on the griddle with a ladle and gently spread it thin with the back of a ladle to a thin layer. Here is an youtube video that I found to demonstrate this
  • With a burger-flipping-spatula check if the dosa formed a light brown layer in the bottom. Take care to not overcook it, otherwise the dosa will become stiff
  • Once the dosa is set, spread the mint chutney on it, and add some upma to one half of the dosa. Do not overfill it
  • Close over the dosa with one half and gently press it down
  • Let it sit in the heat for some time, and then remove from fire
  • Cut up in to triangles and serve with chutney (you actually wouldn’t need anything on the side)

Note : You can do the same thing with regular Dosa and sooji rava upma


9 thoughts on “Upma stuffed Mung Dhall Dosa

  1. There is a restaurant In San Francisco that I absolutely love called Dosas. They serve the best dosas! My daughter and I are gluten free, and their recipes contain no wheat. I would love to have a try at making these at home, but I will need to beef up my pantry first. Thanks for the reminder of this yummy yummy dish.

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