My New Chef Knife

I have always wanted a professional knife. When I first got married, we just had these petite steak knives, which were bought thinking those were the cutting kind!!! How naive was I. Within months I realized that I need the Big Girl Knife. That’s when I decided to invest in a good one. That meant buying 8″ Santoku knife by Paula Deen. I was really in to food network those days and I was happy to have gotten a “branded” knife. Now 4 years later, I have been dreaming of a proper professional grade knife. It does help that I love cutting my own veggies for cooking. It also helps that I have a food blog to brag about my purchase. So well, Introducing my own, Miyabi Artisan G2 8″ Chef Knife. I bought this from Sur La Table after a lot of research and consideration to how much I would love to break my bank!! Here are some shots as I unbox the knife. Ooooh, I cannot wait to test drive this baby. Wait for the reviews.

Oh BTW, if you are considering buying one, here is the guide I used.



2 thoughts on “My New Chef Knife

  1. Whoa! That knife looks wicked good! And your story sounds so familiar..we’ve been there 🙂 Enjoy your new acquisition!

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